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How to apply blush

Without getting into specific color matching, pairing and color theory. This is a very basic step-by-step to help guide you on how to apply blush.

There are a few ways you can approach this. I highly recommended applying foundation first, then contour, then blush, then hilighter, then powder.

Using a blush brush, apply blush on the cheekbone, the apples of the cheeks and you can even apply it to the temples.

It doesn’t matter if you sweep it, or use in circular motions. Whatever is most comfortable to you. I personally prefer sweeping it from the cheekbone upward towards the temple.

If your blush is grabbing on your foundation, and too hard to blend, you could also apply foundation, powder, powder contour, blush, then highlighter.

Either way you choose, if you’re unable to blend your blush and it’s grabbing too much, you can use a large powder brush with a translucent setting or HD powder to absorb any moisture it’s grabbing onto.

Here’s the finished look. What do you think? Now it’s your turn.

How to apply contour

What is contour? Contour is a shadowing technique used to “carve” out cheeks and give the illusion that a face has more definition. It’s achieved by using a contour brush under the cheek bone, under the jaw, in the temple and around the hairline.

1. Apply cream or powder contour under the cheekbone using a brush small enough to fit in those areas, under the jaw and arrow be the hairline.

2. Blend cream contour with a flat top kabuki foundation brush, or powder contour with a blush or contour brush.

3. Make sure it’s well blended, there should be a shadow not a line.

You can then begin your blush and highlighter application. To finish complexion; go over the entire face with a powder brush to blend and make softer.

You can use a bronzer, matte finish darker powder or cream as a contour if you can’t get your hands on a cream or powder contour.

This is the finished look…