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Microblading Services

Since 1995 I’ve been painting #eyebrows on faces, over 12,000 as a matter of fact. Fast forward to 2018 I’ve just been certified in Microblading. I’ll be sketching about 10 sets a day, and practicing microblading strokes in addition to that over the next month while I finish doing what needs to be done in the studio to be able to do this service.

I’ve always said if I had to pick one thing to do all day it would be eyebrows. They have the most power above everything else. It can age you, sicken you, masculinize you/feminize you, and so much more. The power of #microblading is unreal and I’m so excited to get started on this journey.

For those of you interested I’ll be doing an introductory special for the first 25 people that pre-book. It will be $350 (regular $500) for your initial appointment. There will also be a referral program in place, so the more people that book a service from you, the more you will continues to save.

Pictured above is my friend JC who was my model for my class. She wanted a fuller brow and to be freed from having to draw her brows on every day.

A microblading section is being developed on the website now, so a lot of information will be available soon as to what microblading is, before and after care, FAQ’s, etc..

If you would like to get on the waiting list, please email The first 25 to respond will get $150 off their first service.