How to prime eyelids for makeup

Are you having problems making eyeshadow last all day? Do you see creases in your makeup? Lots of shadow “fallout” under your eyes? Here are some helpful tips and tricks to make your eyeshadow last all day, without any of these issues. DO NOT APPLY EYE CREAM TO EYELIDS, you read that correctly.Eye cream should […]

How to stop mascara from running

 Are you having problems keeping mascara on your lids? This simple hack will stop it. DO NOT APPLY EYE CREAM TO EYELIDS OR LASH LINE, you read that correctly. Eye cream should be applied around the eyes, but not up to the lashline and not on the eyelid itself. Applying cream to the lashes creates […]

How to fix a broken shadow or other makeup powder

Fixing broken makeup is easier then you think….. All you need is a pressing tool, rubbing alcohol, a cracked powder and a little patience. Here’s a step by step instruction. 1. Wash your hands with soap and run under hot water for at least 20 seconds. 2. Lightly drop rubbing alcohol onto cracked spots of […]