What is contour? Contour is a shadowing technique used to “carve” out cheeks and give the illusion that a face has more definition. It’s achieved by using a contour brush under the cheek bone, under the jaw, in the temple and around the hairline.

1. Apply cream or powder contour under the cheekbone using a brush small enough to fit in those areas, under the jaw and arrow be the hairline.

2. Blend cream contour with a flat top kabuki foundation brush, or powder contour with a blush or contour brush.

3. Make sure it’s well blended, there should be a shadow not a line.

You can then begin your blush and highlighter application. To finish complexion; go over the entire face with a powder brush to blend and make softer.

You can use a bronzer, matte finish darker powder or cream as a contour if you can’t get your hands on a cream or powder contour.

This is the finished look…