EYES FIRST -Doing eyes first will allow you complete artistic freedom and prevent unnecessary concealer and foundation reapplication. It’s not wrong if you do face first, it will just take longer and you’ll repeat multiple steps.

Prepping Eyes– Using a nylon bristle concealer brush PREP eyelid with an eyeshadow base. Avoid using concealer or foundation as it will crease quickly. Size of the brush should be determined by the size of the eyelids.

Applying Eyeshadow 

Typically 3-4 shadows are used, the lightest color on the brow bone as a highlight, the darkest color on the crease as a contour and an in between color all over the lid. This is a general guideline not a rule.

  • Using an eyeshadow brush, apply color to the lid.

  • Using a blending brush apply a lighter color to the brow bone. Doing this step prior to your crease color prevents “smoking” the highlight and turning it grey.

  • Using a tapered crease brush, apply your contouring color to the outer crease area.
You may now begin the mascara and eyeliner process. Tutorial coming soon.
This is the finished look….