With the global pandemic causing stay at home orders everywhere, the virtual world has exploded with conferencing and meetings through Zoom and other avenues.

New York’s Governor Cuomo has even given the OK to get married online through Video Conferencing.

If you know nothing about lighting, or camera quality, and are still broke af waiting for your unemployment benefits to kick in, don’t worry 😉 there is a lot you can accomplish even without money, to create a studio set up.


First things first. Decide on your space. Chose an area that is clean or that can be cleaned, an area that has great light or the ability to have lights added to it.

Backgrounds and for grounds are best clean and light. You don’t want the viewer getting distracted by things surrounding you or behind you and losing focus on the meeting itself.

Your table or desk or whatever you’ll be using to work on should be clean, again no distractions. It should neatly house whatever you need for your meeting or class and nothing else. Clean it off.

If you don’t have light walls or background, you can easily get a backdrop stand with a roll down or fabric backdrop like this.


Lighting is very important as viewers need to see you crystal clear without straining their eyes. You can buy light boxes right off of Amazon, use shop lights on stands, or even take a standing lamp with adjustable arms to create light.

Focus the light on where you will be sitting or standing and make sure it’s distributed evenly at you front, sides, and top and bottom if possible.


Microphones are ideal but not necessary. They will help you sound better but unless you’re doing a live performance like singing, it’s not fully necessary. I personally use the Blue Yeti microphone for my podcasts and voice recordings for on air ads and highly recommend it.


After you’ve set up Your space, you need to decide what you will be using for video.

Camera, Phone or Computer Camera? Try the app on all your devices and see what has the best video quality. Try it out with some friends and see what is the best.

My favorite camera is the Sony a5100 I use it for before and after pictures, studio set up and behind the scenes. When adding a converter box to it, it can also be used to live stream.

Set Design

Now that your space is set up comes my favorite part. Design your set, your theme, your signature colors. Turn on your lights, video and look at your space through the camera. Tweak whatever seems off to you, record a few minutes and watch the playback. See what you would like to change.

Makeup and Hair

I will be available for virtual makeup styling lessons, and virtual setup tutorials for this of you who would like some help or would like to brainstorm setup ideas. You can book all virtual services online here.

I am based in NY am opening my book daily from 9-8 & weekends 10-6. If you are in a different time zone or those hours just don’t work for you, please let me know what does and we can open up the time slot.