Are you having problems making eyeshadow last all day?

Do you see creases in your makeup? Lots of shadow “fallout” under your eyes?

Here are some helpful tips and tricks to make your eyeshadow last all day, without any of these issues.

DO NOT APPLY EYE CREAM TO EYELIDS, you read that correctly.Eye cream should be applied around the eyes, but notup to the lash line and not on the eyelid itself. As with ANY product you should read the manufacturers instructions. If it does say to apply it to the lid and lash line, do it at night before bed but not during the day before makeup. Pretend you have makeup on and are trying to avoid ruining it, this is where it should be applied.

APPLY PRIMER Using either a CLEAN finger or concealer brush like the Sigma F75 Brush or a Kabuki Concealer Brush.

Try using a product like Mica Beauty Cream shadow primer, Smashbox Lid Primer Or Benefit Cosmetics Stay Don’t Stray Shadow Stay Put Primer. 

Apply a THIN layer of shadow primer to the eyelids; from the lash line right up to the eyebrow.

All have concealer like consistencies, except they won’t crease, and won’t make your eyelids feel heavy and thick from too much product.

Once the primer is evenly spread on the lid, you can them begin your eyeshadow application.

If you have a specific problem you’d like addressed or you have a question you need answered, please feel free to email Genn