You should not be wearing makeup unless you know what this symbol means…

Much like; food, beverages and medications, there is an expiration date. A date determined scientifically based on the ingredients and preservatives inside its products contents.

For the cosmetic industry, which spans; skincare, makeup, fragrances, bath & body products, and hair care, there is an international symbol for expiration dates, the PAO symbol, which stands for Period after opening. It looks like this….

This is an open Jar. It means that once opened that is how long before your product expires. This particular example picture means that it expires in 12 months.

Every time you open a product you should look over it carefully. Make a note of the symbol. How long do you have to use this product?

If you can’t rely on your memory I highly recommend using a Sharpie paint pen or metallic marker like the one I’ve previously HERE on Amazon to write your expiration dates on your products. Why metallic? Because them my will show up on black packaging.

Next; smell your product, smell it every time you open it for the next few days or so and get used to it. This is how it should smell. Once it “turns” it smells different and it means your product expired. It should be thrown out immediately for risk of infection or adverse reaction.

If your product doesn’t have the Jar on itself, it very well may be on. It’s packaging, like the images below.

Keep in mind these products, even though normally harmless are chemicals. Preservatives are what keep them stable. Once these preservatives expire they become toxic and should not touch your body in any way otherwise you risk adverse reaction or a serious infection.

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