Hyaluron Pen FAQ’s

Hyaluron Pen FAQ’s Albany NY

Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions from Clients regarding the Hayluron Pen Hyaluronic Acid service. Please feel free to email GennShaughnessy@gmail.com should you have a question regarding the same procedure you would like answered.

A few things to consider when booking your Hyaluron Pen Filler service;

  • You can not have the service if you have any open sores or wounds
  • You can not have the procedure if you still have other fillers in the same area.
  • You can not wear makeup until the area heals, approx 7 days.
  • You can not get in heat, or sweat, or workout for 72 hours.
  • You can not share a syringe with someone. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Yes, you may swell.
  • Yes, you may bruise.
  • Yes, you may bleed a wee bit.
  • No, it is not applied with a needle. Think of it more like a wee hammer, that taps it into the surface of the skin.

Can I workout or go in the sun after my procedure? No, you must wait a minimum of 72 hours before sweating, or overheating or you run the risk of losing the effect altogether.

I am going on vacation, will I be ok? should I wait until after? If you are goin on vacation and will be in a warm climate it is highly recommended you wait until after. You also might bruise and swell, and alcohol will make you swell more if you are planning on drinking.

Can I receive a Hyaluron Pen Service if I am pregnant? No it is highly advised against to receive any cosmetic procedures due to the risk of infection. Your body also reacts differently to things when you are pregnant for various reasons and may have an adverse reaction

How long after the Hyaluron Pen treatment should one wait to get more in the same spot?  Suggested max to one area during one treatment is 1 ml. It is better to use 1ml max per treatment because skin can stretch too much otherwise and also results are better when the progress is checked over time etc. If after one treatment you know you want a more dramatic result, you may come back after 2+ weeks and you also may add the thicker version of the filler into it if you want a dramatic difference.

Can I smoke marijuana after the Hyaluron Pen procedure?  Smoking (also e-cigarettes an vaporiser can just dry lips and there’s often some heat related to that. Still many clients smoke pot, for example, after procedure and nothing bad comes out of it. Still, of course, the retention is better, if they take a break 🙂 Actually, if it is a dry vaporiser etc, it affects less.

Can I drink alcohol or use makeup after the Hyaluron Pen procedure or will that cause more swelling and affect the product? Alcohol (as well as all sorts of makeup products may cause quite a bit of swelling if those manage to react through the wounds on top of the skin of lips. Then there can be a reaction and swelling (usually just one side, so it looks quite dramatic for about one day). Often people just think that cosmetics etc sold as “natural” do not contain chemicals and use those, causing the reaction. The same applies to alcohol – it can be taken in through a straw 🙂

What is the maximum number of ml and treatment areas one can have max in one session? Minimum time between treatments is 1 week, it is suggested for better results to wait for 2 -3 weeks. 

This article is for informational purposes only and is not to replace the advice given to you by your medical provider. If you have health concerns, or are on medications, you should confide in your Doctor.

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