Before and After Lash Bomb Lash Lift

“Lash bomb Lash Lift is an innovative method of giving the illusion the natural lashes are longer and have more volume using formulations and products made in the UK.The eyes are the focal point of any face and enhancing the natural eyelashes giving them an amazing lift and tint is a striking way to make the most of what we were born with â€“natural beauty!”

Before Care Instructions

  • Please arrive to your appointment with no makeup on your eye area
  • Please wait 3-4 weeks after having lash extensions removed before booking an appointment
  • If you have recently had any other eye or face treatments, please check with your provider to confirm how long after you can receive this treatment.
  • Avoid using any heavy creams, oils or lotions on your eye area for 24 hours prior to your appointment. This includes oil based makeup removers or emulsions as well.
  • Please reschedule your appointment if you have any redness, irritation or any adverse reactions to other services or products.
  • Please reschedule your appointment if you are not feeling well.

After Care Instructions

  • Avoid rubbing the eyes
  • Do not put any makeup or other products on the eyes for 24-48 hours
  • Do not receive any other treatments on the eye area for 24-48 hours
  • DO NOT GET WET FOR 24-48 hours
  • Avoid swimming and saunas for 48 hours
  • Avoid putting contact lenses back in for 24-48 hours
  • Try to sleep on your back for 2 nights to avoid flattening the lashes on the pillow
  • If any light stinging or swelling occurs keep applying a cold dampened cotton pad, cold compress or cooling spray to soothe if it persists, or If any severe swelling or stinging occurs, seek medical advice and let your technician know so they can note it in your client record.
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