Microblading Service in Albany NY

I’ve officially passed the Albany County tattoo exam with a 91% no less!!! (Only one answer was wrong) and have begun the process of licensing my Guilderland Studio.

Once the licensing is official I will announce we are accepting Clients.

The before care is very very ver very very very important. I can not stress this enough. 

  • Stop all RetinA and Retinol products for at least 1 week prior to procedure. DO NOT USE FOR TWO WEEKS AFTER.
  • WITH DR APPROVAL; Stop any use of blood thinners 1 week prior to procedure.
  • Do not drink caffeine for at least 3 hours prior to procedure.
  • Do not drink alcohol the day of the procedure or the night before.
  • Do not get Botox for at least 3 weeks prior to appointment.
  • Clear with your Dr before procedure is obtained.
  • Make sure Aftercare is followed.