So you wanna be an MUA? Do you even know what that means? Besides from what the acronym stands for that is….

Being a Makeup Artist isn’t simply painting makeup on a face. It’s knowing how to use hundreds of tools, thousands of colors, millions of products and spending countless hours (and dollar$) perfecting it.

It’s research and development, marketing and public relations, networking and being your own advocate, and being paid to do so.

Sometimes it’s getting up at 3 am for a 5am call time with an hour drive, working a 14 hour day, and driving back home. Still in?

Sometimes it’s working on your feet in cramped spaces, or standing in the freezing cold (or sweltering heat) for hours.

Sometimes it’s being considered “the help” and not being treated like a human, other times you’re fed catering food and someone gets you water! Still in??

It’s learning who your friends are, who your cheerleaders are, who the backstabbing bitches are, who the crazy bitches are, and how to find the bitch inside you to cut those bitches off. And if your sensitive to “vulgarity” this industry is definitely not fucking for you at all, so just call it quits now.

What it is definitely not; super glamorous, easy, cheap or fast. It takes a long time to get good, build a good reputation and build a clientele / referral based business.

Still with me?

I’m taking everything I learned and built it into a hands on Certification program for artists of all skill levels.

Starting 10/21&10/22/18 we start the first round. Two full days of training and it even includes a Morphe brush set.

In this beginner class we will go over brushes and tools, kit setup, station setup, makeup applications, business management, building your portfolio and social media networks and more.

The cost is $749 per person.

For an additional $249 you can take a separate class on WordPress and setting up your beauty blog & website.

A non-refundable deposit of $350 is required to reserve your space. The remainder is due by 10/15.

Email Genn to be considered for the program. Limited spaces available.

About the Instructor and Program Developer.

Genn Shaughnessy is a Commercial MakeUp Artist, Licensed Hair Stylist and Beauty Expert in Albany, NY who provides camera ready makeup and hair styling services for HD, TV, Photo and Film.

Genn’s ability to produce various types of MakeUp Artistry, Hair Styling and Wardrobe for HDTV, Photo and mixed media demonstrates her amazing eye for detail and her ability to think outside the lines of conventional thinking. Genn’s vast knowledge of cosmetics, tools and fashion shines in writing and producing beauty segments, blog posts and educational tutorials.

Genn Shaughnessy has numerous film, print and web  credits to her name that include FOX News, People Magazine, Teen People Magazine, American Idol Live and TLC’s Trading Spaces. She combines tremendous talent and make-up savvy with a plethora of experience and the ability to deliver uncompromising quality of work to every professional work setting.

Genn has trained under various accredited Directors and Department Heads and can boast working with celebrity clients such as; Carrie UnderwoodRon Perlman, Judy Greer, Michael Shannon, Thomas Lennon, Christina Hendricks, Michael Torpey, Alessandro Nivola, Alicia “Lecy” Goranson, Julianne NicholsonDavid Cassidy, NY Giants Brandon Jacobs, and even former New York State Governor Eliot Spitzer.

Genn has been an educator in the field for over 15 years and has thought thousands of students aged 13 to 65 years of age about the history of makeup, the science of makeup, how to do makeup, how to do makeup for other people, false lashes, doing makeup for stage, doing makeup for camera and video, bridal makeup, men’s makeup, drag makeup, costume makeup, special FX makeup, airbrush makeup and more. So so much more. Does there really need to be anymore? 😉