I’ve searched high and low for years, every year in fact, for the perfect daily planner / life organizer. I keep looking every year for something better, yet nothing ever is. I have bought both since 2011. While there have been some changes (and not always for the better) they are still pretty damn close to perfect and use daily.

The Daily Planner I use for my personal to do, appointments, notes, etc. It has a 24 hour timeline on half of the page, which changed this year. It’s taken a lot to get used to, but it’s not the worst thing. It keeps me accountable for how many hours in the day there really is, and what I really can accomplish. The other half of the page is an unlined notes section.

The Astra Zebra Planner I use for my monthly social media & event planning and tracking. It’s great for setting goals; recording figures and finances. It’s also a great way to keep track of bookkeeping, social media productivity and more.

The Daily planner can be purchased HERE ON AMAZON

The Aster Zebra Planner by Spring Whitaker can be purchased at Orange Circle Studio