Arrows & GEometric Shapes

Are you as obsessed with arrows as we are? There’s really something we just love about a simple arrow or clusters of a few of them. 

Tiny Heart Tattoos

 We love love and love doing hearts. They can be black or a color and can be the outline of a heart or a full heart, and can be a wee baby heart, or bigger. Just let us know what you would love! 


Astrology symbols are such a fun way to express your love for the]is ancient science and we love doing Tiny Tattoos of them all.  

Tinty Tattoos

There are so many options for Tiny Tattoos, and we love doing them all! If you don’t have an idea we’ve got some already drawn up just waiting to be claimed by YOU! 


Have you always wanted your Initials, name, a special date, or geo location tattooed on you? We have an enormous library of fonts and style options for you to choose from. 

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